Dave Greaves Music

Dave’s songs are from personal experiences telling poignant stories in his own very special language of the heart. Perfectly thought out guitar parts along with a smouldering (and as he puts it) gin-soaked voice set Dave Greaves apart from other world-class musician/songwriters from both “back in the day” and today. “He’s as real as it gets and utterly convincing”. His song catalogue is filled with compositions that are pertinent, stunning and timeless.

In the ’70’s, during the heyday of English folk and rock music, musician/singer- songwriter Dave Greaves toured with many top artists including Sandy Denny and John Martyn and had deals with Island Music, EMI Music, Demon Records, Black Bear Records (The Stops) and Pye Records (Cheap Thrills). Dave was also one of the few artists who shared billing with Nick Drake during this time. Dave’s CV includes being a founder-member of The Hull Truck Theatre Company, playing electric guitar with many R&B soul outfits from The States including Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon as well as performing with his brother group MG Greaves and The Lonesome Too. Dave has also been electric guitarist on UK tours for Emmy winning, Texas Music Awards “Singer-Songwriter Of The Year” Bob Cheevers who was a show opener on what was to be Johnny Cash’s final tour.

What you will find... are meaningful songs, thoughtfully played and sung by a master of his craft. Norman Darwen, Blues Matters!, Aug/Sep 2022 Issue 115

I hold . . . Dave in the same high regard I hold Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Neil young, and other great artists of our times. Stephen Doster

Dave - just watched your lovely performance of 'I Can't Make You Love Me' and wanted to tell you how magnificent I think it is - so deeply felt, personal - one voice, one instrument - those are always my favourite versions - I so appreciate the care and depth of feeling you brought to the song - sending this on to Allen - I know he'll feel the same
Michael Reid

Greaves is... a knowing storyteller, gifted with the ability to create characters and situations that offer an immediate impression. Whether fanciful or otherwise, these tender tales become instantly affecting. Lee Zimmerman ‘The Daily Ripple’